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Welcome students and visitors. We are very proud of our programs here @JFK. We offer all students the opportunity to explore the exciting, vast and diverse careers in engineering here on planet Earth and in the solar system. Join us in November as we host an ARISS contact with Astronaut Chris Kennedy from the International Space Station.

Why explore Engineering?

Look around you……everything in your built environment is created by some type of Engineer.

Our Mission:

To encourage, inspire, prepare and enable John F. Kennedy students for the Engineering Industries by building highly sought soft and technical skills. To fully develop every students’ knowledge of the engineering design process.

Young Women’s STEAM Lunch Club

Providing opportunities to explore engineering fields is a main focal point of our programs.

  • What are the jobs of the future?
  • What skills are in high demand in the future?
  • How does one go about gaining these skills?
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ARISS Contact

JFK Engineering students representing Commander P.R.I.D.E. at the TSA State Conference.

Left to Right: Jose Romero-Jaimes, Carlos Garcia, Abraham Chavarria

Robotics Club:

  • Daryll
  • Noah
  • Gabriel
  • Isaac R
  • Alan
  • Brysen
  • Daniel P
  • Edgar

Introduction to Engineering

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Environmental Sustainability

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AutoCAD 101 & 102

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Architectural and Engineering Practicum

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1st Day of POE!
Denver Water classroom demo
1st Day of POE!
TSA State 2nd Place winner in Animatronics
Namaste Mentoring
ES visits Water Recycling Plant
Reciever found!

November 20-21 School Year

JFK High School EngineeringConnect department is pleased to announce we have been selected to host a ARISS radio contact with the International Space Station in November of 2020.

Inspire our future.

Photo Date: 11-7-2018 LocaKrChrtion: Bldg 8 Photo Studio Subject: Astronaut Christina Koch Official EMU Portrait

Photographer: Bill Stafford

Real World -Real Problems -Real Solutions

Environmental Sustainability class is an interdisciplinary engineering course in which students investigate and design solutions to solve real-world challenges related to clean and abundant drinking water, food supply enhancement, and renewable energy.

Concurrent Enrollment

Currently JFK offers two courses through RedRocks Community College in the 2020-2021 school year each providing both college credit and a certification.

Learn about the Engineering Graphics Program at RedRocks

AutoCAD 101

AutoCAD 102

SolidWorks 256

Questions for the teachers?

Please email us!

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